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An update to the server: Skyblock! (+ more)
4 months ago

We think that Skyblock is less buggy and so it's about time that it is officially opened. Collect money and resources to build your own little island until it is less little and AWESOME! We think you'll love it, especially if you're already playing Survival (still our most popular) on the server. If you're curious, I highly recommend trying it out; it's the lava bucket in the lobby compass.

And speaking of Survival, we've updated the shop and adding some things to it, so you can spend more of that money you keep getting. Go try it out for yourself, its /shop in Survival.

New features probably mean new bugs, so if you find any...

Vote Links:
4 months ago

Here are our official vote links! Vote by clicking the links below, filling out your In-Game Username and click vote! By voting, you are supporting the server and as a thank you, we give rewards in the server after voting! 

Vote Links:





New update in Survival: Cities.
4 months ago

As you know, survival is one of the game modes that is succeeding the most on the server, so we've added the "Cities". You're probably wondering: What can I do to have one? Well, to have your own warp of your city, what you have to do is:
1. Create a nice entry.
2. Have a nether portal (unactivated) input mode
3. Rules of your city.
4. A wall that surrounds the entire city.

NOTE: Once the above requirements have been met, you will have to send us screenshots of the city with the above mentioned requirements + post a city description in our forum. If your city meets the requirements, you will be added the gametag of [Major o...

New Bedwars Gamemode (Beta)
4 months ago


As you know, we have recently released a bedwars gamemode on our server! Take a look at the hub!

Bedwars is currently in Beta, meaning that bugs may happen, in the case that they do, please report them here or in our Discord group. Currently, only one map for each bedwars gamemode is active, meaning that 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 have one map each. We will consider expanding, after reviewing various factors such as popularity, memory usage etc.

Stay tuned!

- Biobop

Factions Update
4 months ago

Factions Spawn

Hey all! As you may know, we have a new gamemode with exciting new features: Factions!

It is our latest gamemode, and it has some cool features that I'm sure many will enjoy. With custom bosses, custom factions items like chunk busters and void chests, players will always find something to do when playing factions! We will leave it to you to discover all the new items!

Voting Rewards:

Voting in Factions will give you $2500 as well as 1 Comet Crate Key! Try them now!

Bug Reports:

Since Factions is a new gamemode, there will definitely be bugs, if you find one, please message our staff on discord ...

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