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3 months ago
login bug

Hi zairos 

Join our discord server and tell us about your problem. You can open a ticket and we'll attend you there as soon as possible.

Discord Link:

3 months ago
aliens Helper Application

Hi Aliens

I've seen your application and, in my opinion, it's pretty good. The only thing I'm going to ask you is to join our discord ( and open a ticket for further instructions.




3 months ago
How to do a suggestion

Hi everyone!

Because many of you want to suggest new things to contribute to the server, I will leave you a sample of how to do it:

- Game mode in which you want the suggestion:

- Suggestion:


- IGN:

- Favorite gamemode in the server:

5 months ago
Helper Application

Hi CoolKidHarry165,

Thanks for applying to be a member of our staff. Unfortunately, your application has been denied. The reasoning for this may be due to one or more of the criteria listed below:


1. You may not meet the requirements. Check the requirements at Information about Staff Applications

2. We are not accepting any staff members at the moment.

3. You have a previous ban record.

4. Your application does not follow the format. Check the format at How to do a Staff Application (Format)


However, if you feel that you meet the criteria later on, you may apply again the next week. Do note that the number of applications that you have made will not be taken account when we are considering your application.




5 months ago
MOD or BUILDER application

Hi Mat;

Please, follow the Staff Application format if you're interested on being builder of our server. Take note that if you want to be builder, you need to upload an image(s) about your buildings.