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3 months ago
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3 months ago
(factions) unable to get kit with ranks

i cannot get the andromeda kit on factions even though i paid for the rank


3 months ago
TheUnknownGamer4's application

In Game Name:








How long ago you joined the server:




Server gamemode that you play on most often:




Rank you want to apply to(Only Helper/Builder):


i´d like to be helper.


Why do you want to apply for this rank:


 i'd like to apply for this rank because i could be a good staff member due to me having experience


Why do you think you're capable of having this rank:


have experience and was a member of staff on many different servers


What skills do you have that you think would make you a good Helper:


i am fair


What makes you different from other applicants(why should we accept YOU):


 because i have done this job before and know how to


How you would help new players on the server(Be as specific as possible):


i will welcome them to the server and be as friendly as possible


What you would do if you suspect that someone is violating the rules of the server:


 i will report them immediately and warn them that they will be banned